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  Up and down pressurized coating sense calender
Product Description:

The upper and lower pressure calendering machine of the俐m a sense of a fabric to impose appropriate pressure and
temperatu re.the implementation of the machines optimized to make the fabric has a soft.cotton emotional and film sense,and
give the surface a shiny sexual Are automatically mirror roll the internaI heat conduction oiI circulation.helping to ensure the
left of the roll surface,un?rm,and the right temperature,so that product quality is stable This machine is equipped with the
automatic lifting of the access bits of cloth,metal detectors,air cooling system,cooling system,drop cloth system,constant
tension large package open the expansion tank is safe and reliable.

Maintechnical parameters

机型    Machine Type
3ROll -1800
机速    Machine Speed
压力P ressure
Max l00t
Max 230℃
加热方式Heating Method
Electric oil temperature
幅宽    width
总功率Tatal power