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  Conducting oil roller
Product Description:


Fristly,hardness of the workpiece's surface can reach to HRC55-58 at the highest with machanical rough maching to heat treatment.

Secondly,the hardness of the surface can reach to HRC62 with the processing of machanical finish turning,grinding and hard chrome palting.

Lastly,the highest finish can reach to Ra0.01umm(level 14)and the thermal deformation doesn't exceed 0.01mm after the process of finish grinding,pre-polished,precision polishing and intermediate conduction oil heating.

Main application areas

Printing and Dyeing Industry:it applies to calender pu re cotton,polyester cotton,mercery,chemical fibre,linen fabric,wool textile and other blended fabric
Leathter Industry:It applies to calender artificial leather;
Plastic Cement:It applies to various plastics such as PVC,ABA,PP,PE,PT and PC,etc
Paper making Indust~:It applies to calender su rface of different kinds of paper
Metallu rgy Industry:It applies to calender different kinds of nonferrous metals